Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the MCHSI Login:


MCHSI Step by Step Login Information:

  1. Visit the MCHSI page at 
  2. There are two places where you can access your MCHSI Login page. In the toolbar at the top of the screen, scroll all the way to the right and you'll find the white "login" link. You can also find it on the right side of the screen just below the blue toolbar under the word "More". There is a "please login" link as well as an email logo button just below this. Clicking on any of these will take you to the same place.
  3. Enter your email address (which is your username) and password in the boxes provided and click on the yellow/orange "Log In" button. Be sure that you are registered with MCHSI otherwise this process will not work correctly. To sign up click on "Not Registered? Sign Up Now!" link and follow the easy instructions.


If you are unable to sign in, either because you cannot remember your password or something is wrong and you need to reset it. Don't worry. Instructions on how to do this is coming up. Sometimes it's easier to just reset your password and go from there. Try to choose something that is easy to remember but not so simple that someone can figure it out.



MCHSI Password Reset Information:

  1. Click on the "Forgot password" link. This will take you to a different page where you can change this information.
  2. Enter in your email address (also your username).
  3. Answer the security question you chose when you first signed up and hit the gray "submit" button. This will send your password to your email address and give you more information on changing your password if you want to change it.

IF you still cannot access your information then please contact us so we can help. We'd be glad to walk you through this process so you can log in successfully and get to your email. Thank you for being patient with us.


MCHSI Contact Information:


Customer Support: 800-239-7496

Call Us: 1-855-633-4226 or 1-855-MEDIACOM If you would like to speak with a Mediacom representative,
we're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Email Us: Click Here

Live Chat:


For Close Captioning: 

Mail: Penny Kurdyla 100 Crystal Run Rd, Middletown, NY 10941 

Phone: (877)-847-6221 (Use this number for Closed Captioning Complaints ONLY)

Fax: (845)-698-4069



Please check back here frequently for updates to the MCHSI Login page. We try to stay current and keep our content correct.